No AccessSIG 18 TelepracticeClinical Focus25 Jun 2021

Clinical Study of the Effectiveness of Constant Therapy in the Treatment of Clients With Dementia: Implications for Telepractice


    The purpose of this clinical focus article was to advance interventions for person living with dementia by exploring the implications of integrating technology through telepractice to strengthen memory in clients with dementia. This study focused on individualized treatment plans using the software Constant Therapy (CT) for clients with dementia.


    This study utilizes an exploratory research design with nonprobability sampling of existing data analyzing the frequency, duration, and percent correct of CT exercises completed from two case studies of persons living with dementia. This study received exempt status for institutional review board approval from the Florida Department of Health, since it is secondary research. One participant had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and the other participant had vascular dementia. Both clients utilized CT as part of the clinical services provided by the University of Central Florida's Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinic at Brain Fitness Academy.


    The results of this exploratory research study indicate that both participants demonstrated an increase in percentage correct on CT exercises from baseline to current (Participant 1, 70%, and Participant 2, 50%). A substantial disparity of exercises completed confirms the necessity of an individualized treatment plan based on a specific type of dementia. Both participants demonstrated a 631% and 632% increase respectively in exercises completed at home versus in the clinic. This finding is especially significant as it relates to telepractice.


    This study adds to the literature that clients with dementia demonstrate substantial improvement in global cognitive function when speech-language pathologists provide skilled individualized services using the digital software CT, whether in traditional or remote clinic settings.


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