No AccessJournal of Speech and Hearing DisordersResearch Article1 Feb 1974

The Establishment, Transfer, and Maintenance of Fluent Speech in 50 Stutterers Using Delayed Auditory Feedback and Operant Procedures

    Operant speech fluency techniques are being used in a clinical program in a rehabilitation center to treat people who stutter. Establishment, transfer, and maintenance programs are used. Delayed auditory feedback is commonly employed to produce the initial fluent speech. From more than 200 clients seen over the past four years, 50 recent clients were selected for a detailed analysis. The results indicate that the programs are effective in helping people of varying ages and stuttering severity to speak fluently. This was accomplished in relatively short periods (approximately 20 hours of therapy). The fluent speech of the clients has transferred to their environment and checks indicate that it has been maintained.

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