No AccessJournal of Speech and Hearing DisordersResearch Article1 Nov 1979

Effects of Listener Uncertainty on Articulatory Inconsistency

    This investigation determined the effects of listener uncertainty on articulatory inconsistency. Subjects were 15 children between three and five years of age. Each subject was tested to find a set of 45 pictures to which articulatory responses would contain sound errors on /f, v, θ, ð, s, z, ∫, t∫, dʒ/. After one week, articulatory responses to these 45 stimuli elicited by traditional picture naming techniques were compared to productions of the same words elicited in an experimental communication setting. The number of sound errors decreased significantly (p ≤ 0.01) in the experimental communication setting when the listener pretended to be uncertain of what the speaker said. This finding was interpreted to mean that listener uncertainty may increase the effectiveness of articulatory remediation procedures if included in treatment programs.

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