No AccessSIG 1 Language Learning and EducationClinical Focus4 Apr 2024

The Role of Prosody in Reading Comprehension for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum


    The purposes of this clinical focus article are to describe differences in expressive prosody among autistic individuals, describe the role of prosody in reading comprehension, highlight the potential contribution of prosody to the reading comprehension difficulties experienced by many autistic individuals, discuss interventions that target prosody, and make clinical recommendations.


    We describe differences in expressive prosody that many autistic individuals experience; review the existing body of literature surrounding reading comprehension, prosody, and autism; and discuss interventions that target prosody as it applies to reading comprehension.


    Based on the review of the literature and presentation of the challenges that currently exist, we make clinical recommendations regarding the integration of interventions addressing prosody in expressive communication and reading comprehension for autistic individuals who have strong word reading skills and poor reading comprehension.


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